"Storm Mode" Benchmark

"Storm Mode" occurs when multiple response services are dispatched at once. This can cause a heavy load at the 911 and emergency response centers. In this situation, it is imparative that responders are notified quickly and without latency. It could be a matter of life and death.

Effective emergency management and incident response activities rely on flexible communications and information systems that provide a common operating picture to emergency management/response personnel and their affiliated organizations. Incident communications are facilitated through the development and use of common communications plans and interoperable communications equipment, processes, standards, and architectures. During an incident, this integrated approach links the operational and support units of the various organizations to maintain communications connectivity and situational awareness.

Emergency responders should always be prepared for all sorts of storm disasters that could affect their locality. Not only should they be aware of organizations such as NOAA’s National Weather Service, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the American Red Cross (in case of a major or national disaster to get there information) but most importantly the ability to be contacted, whenever that may be. Where will you be when disaster strikes? How will you be contacted? You could be anywhere - at work, at school, in the car? How will other responders find you?

ECM2 transmits hundreds of emergency text messages and emails at once, so your message can reach you in a matter of seconds, no matter where you are. Currently, ECM2 is able to handle approximately 250 messages a minute. Our system will be upgrading shortly to 450 messages a minute with an overall goal of handling 10,000 messages a minute as well as distributing the text messages and emails to multiple Emergency reponse centers, Police, EMS and Fire stations simultaneously.

Should an emergency occur in your community, ECM2 can provide fast, efficient and error-free functionality text messaging and email notifications to all your firemen, police officers, EMS, ambulance services and their entire staff, employees or members.

ECM2 is committed to helping all emergency responders by creating and advancing the development of the communication tools neccesary in assisting responders for timely reaction to and preparing for any emergency situation.

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