ECM2 Dispatcher

The ECM2 "DISPATCHER" application was designed with the emergency incident dispatcher in mind and is used to dispatch participating departments. Dispatching is quick and easy and a dispatch can be sent within seconds. The "DISPATCHER" application is located at: Requesting an account with ECM2 is easy and once you are qualified and processed, you will have the ability to dispatch emergency call information to your new or existing customers/stations from this web-based application. Dispatching an emergency incident couldn’t be any easier.

Edit your Admin data, Customer information, Dispatcher Information, Open/Edit/Update an Incident, Customer Dispatches, Update User Roles, Create/Edit/Delete Customers Stations and Dispatchers and Close Incidents.

Create your incident location by either "clicking" the location on the provided map or by entering the "Address" of the incident manually in the text fields. Once the address is entered you can enter an incident number (for reference), Select the station you are dispatching from your created list, the Nature of the Call, Caller Name, Caller Phone Number, Call Date, Time of Call and any Comments that may accompany the dispatch. After all the information is entered you need to confirm the address and after doing so you may send the dispatch. The dispatch is sent to the station(s) selected and the dispatch sent will be archived for Editing, Updating or future Closing.

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ECM2 Dispatcher

Dispatching is as easy as 1,2 3 with ECM2 Dispatcher! Select an incident location on the Map, select a station and drop and drag to the field box below and then select the Nature of the Call. Done.

A. Incident Map – Click on the map to place your incident location and an arrow marker will display your location. Hover over the arrow and your location information will display with the address and even the latitude and longitude.

B. This section, your selected address information will display. You can also input your address information here manually.

C. Use this button to validate your address (which is mandatory) before sending the dispatch.

D. You can add cross streets here if necessary.

E. In this section, all confirmed information regarding the address, latitude and longitude will be displayed here.

F. In this area you can add an incident number for reference.

G. In this area, you can select a station(s) and drop and drag it to the field box below. You may drag and drop multiple stations if necessary and this function is also mandatory.

H. In this area, you must select the Nature of the Call (which is mandatory), Add Caller Name, Add Caller Phone Number, Choose the Call date, Time of Call and any other Comments or information regarding the incident.

I. When all information is checked and verified, use this button to send the dispatch!

ECM2 Dispatcher
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