ECM² is pleased to bring to first responders 5 products that will revolutionize the way emergency dispatchs
and its data are received, acknowleged, recorded, printed and maintained.


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Emergency calls... right to your cell phone!

Quite simply the most cost effective way to stay connected to any emergency dispatch without the hassle of pagers or pager services! The "911 Emergency Call Manager" works exactly as your pager would, but the only difference is... the alert will be delivered to your cellphone as a text message, email or to an ECM2 Smart Phone App containing all the information you would need to respond to any emergency call. 
  • Fully web-based management system

  •      Devices
         Distribution List
  • Receive emergency text messages to flip-phones
  • Receive emergency text messages/emails to smart-phones
  • Incident reporting and exporting
  • Bi-directional communication, respond to a call immediately!
  • No impact or change to processes at the 911 center
  • Contact one or more members and create distribution lists
  • Off-Duty control for devices/personnel
  • Register with multiple stations
  • Mapped Emergency Notes
  • Ability to set-up multiple ring tones by station/message type
  • Ability to set-up multiple ring tones volumes by message type
  • Android automation of Scanner Radio app
  • Registered users can download smart phone apps freely from the app stores
  • Ability for Chief to view who’s responding to a call*
  • Ability for Chief to be notified when someone goes on/off duty and view availability on their phone*
  • Smart Phone Map to an incident**
  • Display Fire Hydrants with editing features**
  • Display route to the incident from your location**
  • Hands free turn-by turn routing to the incident from your location**

* With subscription to Station Manager
** With subscription to Mobile Map

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Incident data... right to your Tracking Software!

Wouldn’t it be great to collect your incident data and have it integrate right into your incident reporting software automatically? Look no further!

The "ECM² Data Integrator" is what you’ll need to take that transmitted emergency call data
and easily integrate it into any incident reporting software.

Reduce the number of errors and eliminate manual entry by automatically populating your incident management system using the ECM² Data Integrator. 
  • Integrate with your current incident tracking software
  • Automatically populate your incident management system saving you valuable time
  • Fill out complete forms in minutes
  • Reduce errors by not having to manually enter all of your crucial data
  • Ability to review data prior to uploading into your system
  • Secure data storage

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Respond from the road with Mobile Map

"Mobile Map" is software that can be easily installed on any emergency vehicle’s ipad or toughbook. It also can be enabled on our ECM2 smart phone apps.

Mobile Map will display incident routes from your location.

Mobile Map can also help you locate... fire hydrants, hospitals, emergency evacuation centers, SARA facilities, and many other important locations that are critical in any emergency situation. 
  • Displays call information, and locations on map
  • Integrates with GeoPlan and similar GIS software
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Day and night mode
  • View and track apparatus responding and their personnel
  • Photo capture of your incidents from the scene
  • View other’s station data when giving mutual aid
  • Plotting, Editing, Adding items to our maps are a snap with our easy to use Editing Tools
  • Create and edit District Boundaries
  • EMG Notes - Stations can identify road closures, outages, damaged waterlines, etc...
  • Calendar Events - ability to view and create events such as: training exercises, fundraisers, department meeting, etc.
  • Site Incident Notes - Stations can create notes on a specific address (e.g. man on oxygen, guard dogs, wheelchair access, etc.)
  • Upload and view Pre-Plan information

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The "Total" Station Management System

"Station Manager" is a complete management tool for your fire department, EMS or any other emergency station. Station Manager displays (on a large screen TV or computer) incident call information including: incident location, turn-by-turn directions, incident running time plus other features such as know who is responding and in what apparatus, incident tracking, personnel information, member status and credential labeling, emergency and calendar notes (with time-to-live), incident photo accessing and local and area weather. It’s the Total Station Management System!

Resource Tracking
  • Personnel - Driver notation shows up on responding screen
  • Equipment - Apparatus

Incident Mapping
Shows current active calls, call detail screen, On Scene accountability, On Scene Management, Hydrant Locations, Locations of interest, Historical Data Mapping

  • Incident Data
  • Call Directions
  • Maps
  • Calendar Events
  • Emergency Notes

Emergency Notes
Create Detours, Outages, Accidents, Flooding, etc. Auto send to Mobile Map, Auto send to smart phones, Appears on Station Manager screen

Enter Calendar Notes
Auto send to MobleMap, Auto send to smart phones, Appears on Station Manager screen

Call Specific
  • View Current Incident on Map
  • View ALL Incidents
  • Track who and what apparatus is responding to a call
  • Keep/manage times and narratives relating to incident

Ability to view who is responding with time stamp
  • Destination (station or scene)
  • Can cancel or change response location
  • Works with non-smart phones
  • View who's responding on your smart phone APP
  • Individuals appear with credentials

Additional Features
  • Incident Data Collection
  • Edit Member Information
  • Works with non-smart phones
  • Weather Information
  • Integrates with ECM2’s Data Integrator and all other ECM2 products

Receive 911 emergency call center messages to your computer along with audio alert.

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Incident Reporting with push of a button!

The "ECM2-FIRE" is a product that is used to collect and disseminate a Fire Department’s incident information. If used in conjunction with ECM2’s Station Manager and Mobile Map applications, the incident data collection process is almost entirely automated. Notifications, people, equipment, vehicles, times, etc... are pre-populated from the incident for review and import at login. The ECM2-FIRE can be used as a stand-alone product and does not require a department’s participation in any other of ECM2’s products.  
  • Entirely Cloud/Web Based Application
  • Streamlined data and management workflows for maximum efficiency
  • Create/Manage "NFIRS" formatted/validated export files for federal or state agencies
  • Detailed reporting and data export in multiple formats: (xlsx, xml, csv)
  • Ability to create/manage custom NFIRS codes
  • Fully integratable into the ECM2 family of products
  • Single point data management across the ECM2 family of products ie:
    • Department Info
    • Personnel
    • Apparatus
  • Secure data storage
  • Ability to enable multiple departmental reporting, analysis and data export (Group Reporting)
  • Realtime notification and communications with the ECM2 system

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Emergency Responder Products
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