About ECM²

ECM² was founded in March of 2010. ECM2's top priority and mission, is to bring cutting-edge communication products to the marketplace assisting emergency responders in becoming increasingly expeditious and efficient in their work. ECM2 currently operates 2 offices, one in Niagara Falls, New York and the other in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The voice of our company is spoken through its products. One success after another, ECM2's product line continues to shine above the competition. Each product that is delivered to the marketplace is incredibly user friendly and fully functional with features the other companies just don't have. We're not only committed to being the best, but also in becoming a leader in cutting-edge emergency responding communications as well as integrating this technology to work with the latest craze of Smart Phone users as Apps on their devices.

Bringing our products to the marketplace is not our only priority. Working and communicating with the 911 centers will help us avoid unnecessary flaws in our product's development (which will help expedite product delivery) and also help us determine the necessary needs of both the 911 dispatchers and the emergency responders. ECM2 is currently working with a number of 911 centers and our "911 Emergency Call Manager" has become a staple for many emergency responders due to this collaborative effort.

One of our goals as a company is that our products become the "industry standard" in emergency communications. The products are easy-to-use and highly efficient. Where time is of the essence, especially responders in an emergency situation... let’s face it, every second counts!

In the illustration below, the arrows represent the bi-direction communication between our products and ECM2’s Emergency Call Management System. We manage and integrate all of this for you. Cellphones and Email: Get your alert calls in seconds and have the ability to respond; Data Integrator: Import your incident data, edit data and upload incidents to your incident tracking software; Mobile Map: Display an incident location, locate fire hydrants, SARA facilities and other relevant locations on a map, turn by turn directions, and have the ability to edit Pre-Plan Data to insure firefighter safety; StationManager: Display CURRENT incident and ALL incidents, track Equipment and Apparatus, Personnel Acountablity, On-Scene management, Incident Time management, Incident Mapping, Locations of interest such as Schools, Nursing Homes, EMS stations and other important places, and many more features; Incident Print: Retrieve incident data and print it in Real-Time.

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